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Cerritos Heights residents want more online, landline facilities

RESIDENTS of Cerritos Heights, through the Cerritos Heights Homeowners Association Inc. (CHHAI), are seeking the installation of a fiber internet and landline facility in their subdivision in Molino 4, Bacoor City, Cavite.

In a petition, residents of Cerritos Heights Phases 1 and 2, Cerritos Terraces, and Cerritos Hills Phases 1, 2, and 3 alleged that Planet Cable is the only provider of fixed internet in all phases of their subdivision.

We wish to assert our right to enjoy the benefits of competition, especially in getting the best possible internet provider. The need for reliable connectivity is even more pronounced today, especially as the uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt to the new normal. This means work-from-home is no longer an option but a requirement in order to keep jobs. Students will also transition to online learning because this is now part of the Philippine education system,” the complaining residents stressed.

They accused Planet Cable of allegedly depriving them of the privilege to apply for a landline phone service. They claimed that Camella has failed to provide for a telephone facility for the more than 2,000 homes in their subdivision, “probably for fear that this will pave the way for internet competition.

This is a complete disservice to us, especially now that Bacoor is part of the Metro Manila line. Having a landline in our homes would have allowed us who work in the central business districts of the National Capital Region to reach our loved ones easily, without incurring call charges,” the CHHAI added.

The CHHAI expressed hope their petition would finally prompt the government, especially Bgy. Molino IV, the City Government of Bacoor, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board and the Philippine Competition Commission as well as private telecommunication providers, namely Globe Telecoms, PLDT, and Converge to provide them with more internet and landline facilities.