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Champion Crowned for KartRider Rush+ SEA Tournament ESports Program “XTREME”

KartRider Champion GoharRi

GoharRi×수지 from Thailand officially crowned as champion in Item Solo mode program of KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA Tournament 2021

SEOUL – Thai racer GoharRi×수지, surpassing 512 racers from five countries across Southeast Asia with 92/140 points from 14 games, brilliantly finished the third esports program of the KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 series, XTREME, to take home the title of champion. GoharRi×수지 led second place by nine points, and third place by 24 points.

Racers who finished as top four (including GoharRi×수지 (TH), chainchainღ (TH), Qᴜɪɴ (ID), and บูอูบู่ (TH)), received exclusive rewards. The most frequently used kart in the program was Sweeper, the hybrid kart from the Season 6 update which GoharRi×수지 used to claim his victory. GoharRi×수지 finished as the first place winner in five of the 14 games, surpassing chainchainღ who had been a big challenger to the throne since the first game of the final day.


Those who missed the livestream of the event can rewatch the final day of XTREME program in the link below.


The next program will be in the KartRider Rush+ Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 series will be Speed Solo mode, Blazing Track. And, of course, there will be fantastic giveaways during the livestream. Dates for the Blazing Track Speed Solo mode will be announced soon.

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About Race Master SEA Tournament 2021

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 #RaceFromHome is the first Southeast Asia esports tournament for KartRider Rush+, the popular mobile racing game by Nexon. Welcoming racers from 5 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia to compete against each other for the total reward value of over $19,000, the tournament broadcasts through livestreams and lasts throughout the year of 2021.

KartRider Race Master

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 is packed with 6 different programs.

  1. [Ended] SMASH ATTACK – Item Team Mode
  2. [Ended] RUSH CIRCUIT – Speed Team Mode
  3. [Ended] XTREME – Item Solo Mode
  4. BLAZING TRACK – Speed Solo Mode
  5. SMASH ATTACK 2 – Item Team Mode
  6. RUSH CIRCUIT 2 – Speed Team Mode

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