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China and Philippines Join Forces to Combat Illegal Gambling

Due to the strict gambling laws in China, many Chinese citizens have gone to the Philippines to operate and partake in illegal gambling operations since 2016. While the relationship between these two countries hasn’t always been stellar, the recent Philippine Government crackdown on these illegal gambling operations on its territory has led to a collaboration.

The entire gambling system is based primarily on offshore gambling sites that are untrustworthy and unreliable. To explore how China and the Philippines joined forces to combat illegal gambling and how it affects legitimate Philippine players like yourself, keep reading.

The Fight Against Illegal Gambling

There are quite a few illegal casinos online, as the internet makes it more challenging to track down the owners and shut them down. That is why the authorities from the Philippines and China pooled their resources and cracked down on the operations run primarily by Chinese nationals in the Philippines. You don’t need to worry about your online betting being affected by this crackdown, as there are plenty of legitimate online casinos in the Philippines.

  • Prison Sentence: China is widely recognized for its strict laws and the way that they’re implemented, so it’s no surprise that the punishment for gambling is 4 years in prison. Thanks to this sentence and the willingness of Chinese authorities to collaborate with Philippine authorities that 3 gambling zones were successfully shut down.
  • Arrests and Repatriation: As a result of this investigation into illegal gambling zones and the crimes connected to them, including kidnapping, the Philippine authorities arrested 400 Chinese nationals. Additionally, the work visas of nearly 48,000 Chinese nationals will be canceled in due time. These Chinese nationals were involved either as a part of the gambling operations or as illegal online gamblers. After their arrest, they were processed and handed over to the Chinese authorities.
  • Closing Illegal Sites: These illegal gambling sites in the Philippines, despite being based in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, are neither licensed nor legitimate. Any site run by Chinese nationals that the PAGCOR didn’t license was a target in this investigation and will be shut down soon if it isn’t already.

The Difference Between Legal and Illegal Gambling Sites

The Philippines legalized online gambling in 2016, and in the time since, the iGaming industry has had impressive growth. There are currently 45+ offshore betting operators licensed to operate by the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the only regulatory body in this country.

A licensed gambling site has to operate within the boundaries set by the regulatory body, which means that you have a level of security and protection that illegal sites don’t offer you. You can be certain that the game payout rates, as well as the payment methods and security measures, are all player-friendly and designed to protect you.

In contrast to these legitimate casino operators, there have been plenty of unlicensed online gambling sites that offer you access to just as many casino games. That being said, these betting sites are less secure because they aren’t obligated to adhere to any rules and regulations in the online betting industry.

If you were to run into any trouble on these platforms, you wouldn’t be able to ask for help or protection since no regulatory body is in charge of them. Precisely, this lack of oversight is why they’re considered illegal and why Philippine authorities, in collaboration with Chinese officials, took down multiple gambling sites.

The Benefits of Legitimate Gambling Sites

When you weigh the advantages of legitimate gambling sites against the benefits that illegal platforms offer you, it’s clear that going with the legal options is the only right choice. Join us as we take a closer look at the specific benefits that licensed gambling sites offer you.

  • Transparency: When you join a legal online gambling platform, you can easily find information about the status of the license as well as the company that operates the casino. Aside from this information, prolific and legitimate gambling sites guarantee that you’ll have access to clear and player-friendly terms and conditions, which serve as your guide to all top casino sites.
  • Fair Payout Rates: The payout rates of the available games are a subject of close scrutiny thanks to independent testing laboratories such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs, which PAGCOR considers to be trustworthy. Unlike legal online casinos, if you join an illegal gambling site, the operator is under no obligation to allow independent testing of its game fairness.
  • Secure Payment Methods: You bet with real money online, which means that the security of your funds is of paramount importance. Legitimate online gambling sites rely on prolific brands such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as PayPal and Skrill, as well as crypto options such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Not only are these methods efficient, but they also have cutting-edge protection measures designed to keep your privacy and funds safe.
  • Reliable Customer Support: One of the key elements that all legal online gambling platforms share is dependable customer support. Not only does the customer support desk need to have multiple communication channels, but it has to be available at all times. That way, you can contact an agent and have your issue resolved, regardless of whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m.

Effects of the Crackdown on Illegal Gambling Sites

While the operation against illegal gambling sites in the Philippines is fairly recent, citizens are already feeling the effects of it. Not only were nearly 400 mostly Chinese workers arrested and repatriated to China, but multiple online gambling sites that hosted Chinese and Philippine players alike were shut down.

In addition to that, around 48,000 Chinese workers will have their visas revoked, which will significantly influence the Philippine economy. As for the iGaming sector, this crackdown will be positive for it in the long run since it will eliminate illegal and fraudulent sites. That, in turn, will make space for a number of legitimate and licensed platforms to thrive and offer players a safe gaming environment.

Regarding the players themselves, the negative aspect is that bettors who had already deposited or won money on these illegal sites will lose those funds. That being said, thanks to this operation by the Philippine and Chinese authorities, you can go online and find the best betting sites without worrying about running into an illegal site that could be shut down at any moment.

Finally, by shutting down these illegal operations, the Philippine Government ensures that the Philippines will have a reputation as a positive and reliable investment environment. So, not only will this draw in legitimate gambling operators, but it will also draw in investors from other industries and improve the purchasing power of citizens and foster economic growth.

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