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China, the Grabber, Bluffs

BBM and Wang

In the face of odd, distressing realities and potential, impending ominous, fearsome repercussions for China on account of their sly, onerous manners, and their brutish, inhuman acts and intentions, vis-a-vis the West Philippine Sea (WPS) crisis, the Chinese officials bluff.

Be wary of both of their sweet and bitter words. Pseudo. Phoney. Theatric. Grabby. Rapacious. Action speaks louder than words.

The Chinese keep mouthing a mantra as if such a mantra has magic to sucker Filipinos. They insist, “the disputed sea is not the sum total of Philippine-China relations” as if the words carry sense and substance, and as though they mean well when they say it.

What relationship is possible between the Philippines and China in light of the latter’s browbeating in the contested body of waters, including in those that clearly belong to us? Or, what is left in a “friendship” between two people wherein one friend grabs and robs what belongs to the other, and continues to grab and rob more, with threatening, and threatening the grabbed and robbed, used and abused “friend”? Subterfuge.

What is wrong with Filipino vessels bringing much-needed supplies to our marines stationed at BRP Sierra Madre in our Ayungin Shoal, and which we have been doing for so long? Why do the Chinese vessels have to harass them and fire water cannons and blinding lasers at our people? Isn’t that clear banditry and hooliganism? Marauders. Who will do that to his friend? “Let us not love with words but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18

I agree with our Chinese-Filipino senator, Sherwin Gatchalian, when he said the other day that “what we need is to have a dialogue” with China. Sounds good, but the beef is that China continues to send messages to us through its bullying acts.

Thus, our country needs to respond accordingly of course. By God’s grace, we have been responding peacefully, patiently and humbly through diplomatic, friendly means via diplomatic protests and notes verbale, and by summoning to Malacanang the Chinese Ambassador to convey our laments and grievances to Beijing. Isn’t it tantamount to a dialogue?

Gatchalian suggested that our government should take a “soft approach” in dealing with Beijing. But what “soft approach” does anybody have (as a matter of option) toward an intruder, grabber and thief in his house, doing daylight rape and robbery, before his very eyes?

Amid China’s heightening aggressions and madness in the WPS, the Chinese now resort to sending warning (hollow, pointless, silly) to their prey/victim only to show a growing insecurity and apprehension within and among themselves, and their vulnerability to debacle (or beating) by reason or by justice or by world might – or by nations (great and small) unified, resolved, and determined to make things right in the WPS, side by side with the Philippines – versus China.

Ridiculous, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi had the gall to tell our Foreign Secretary, Enrique Manalo, over the phone recently, “that if the Philippine side misjudges, goes its own way, or even colludes with ill-intentioned external forces to continue to stir up trouble, China will defend its rights in accordance with law and respond resolutely.” BALIKTAD. Funny and bully – truly. Bulliest of bullies. Insane.

What law Mr. Wang Yi was referring to and what right does he have to talk about law when it is crystal clear that they are the number one law-breakers of international laws, UNCLOS in particular? Whacky. Soulless.

The Chinese officials got used to getting things for themselves their way, their terms, their time, their covetousness – using ruffian tactics and propaganda – aptly, fittingly and exactly as who and what they really are – representing a tricky, bully, burly nation. Debunked. After concocting their fake maps, they now concoct newly invented narratives about the BRP Sierra Madre, under the auspices of Filipino traitors.

Traitor Judas

Heed this, my dear countrymen: Time to rebuke (and rebuke sharply) and stop decisively, strongly, hurriedly these fake Filipinos that continue to defend China’s illogic, bigotry and oppression, using the media and their “influence” in their respective sectors. No Filipino and nobody in his right mind listens to them. They are the few that persist in routing our nation’s dignity and sovereignty via their crookedness a’la Judas Iscariot, employing their “clout” to bamboozle and deceive. Inane, indeed.

Let these nationless, soulless betrayers and conspirators spew their venoms and do their abominable rituals privately, but not publicly.

Afford them their “freedom of speech,” but only inside their own private bathrooms, together with those in their mold, if they wish so. Afford them further the privilege of appearing in a TV/broadcast station whose operation has just been rightly and justly suspended (and later must be outlawed) – for eternally disseminating lies, fabrications and distortions. They smother truth by contagions and false biblical teachings to spread pathogens that are worse and more injurious than the coronavirus. Bane.

What is preventing you, Filipino officials, from acting on this blatant, shameless, defiant, open betrayal and treason – or psychosis – among these handful “Filipinos” or nuts and lunatics, especially amid the increasing tension in the WPS? From worse to worst, things are getting out of hand because of them.

The peace, welfare and future of our whole country are at stake, while the destructiveness/havoc that these snakes cause are beyond fathomable and deplorable. Unbelievable. They are Filipinos more “Chinese” than the Chinese. Bete noire.

Don’t you see that these traitors are problems for Filipinos much worse and detestable than China in the WPS? Exhale.

Dumb and dumber.

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