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China’s True Color: Bad Journalism

China WPS

They are adept at painting themselves with different shades that are at variance with their true color.

China appears most “diplomatic” when diplomacy can serve their crafty intentions after they’ve committed their offense/misdeed – to project themselves good before the whole world, in contradistinction to their concealed purpose until they achieve such purpose.

It’s time to summon the Association of South East Asian Nations into action, united and resolved, to stop the bullying and grabbing in the disputed sea, and for the grabber to cease from destabilizing the region – time for each one of the ASEAN nations to wake up and cease from being tripped into silence and complacency.

Stealing another’s property or a disputed property doesn’t make one the legitimate owner of that property. That’s exactly what China is trying to do in the West Philippine Sea.

Flag BurningBeing nationalistic and truth telling for journalists will make the sea row easier to deal with for our government as all the world knows the truth or what’s wrong with the bone of contention in the WPS, bare and bold. Otherwise, it is not journalism that any media person is engaged in, but Filipino flag burning. Press freedom is not at issue in this case, but press bedlam, if not altogether press derangement.

China has in its sleek agenda not just to capture/invade the West Philippine Sea (WPS), but the world media as well – through propaganda.

Are we too dumb to notice the open, translucent fact that China has the habit of saying one thing but doing the opposite? Haven’t we noticed yet that they never run out of alibis to later justify their misdeeds or paradox/contradiction, the latest being is their use of a laser (whatever that laser may be is immaterial) to intimidate/bully and shoo away our Philippine Coast Guard from navigating our own territory? They are experts at sidetracking issues.

Bad JournalismThe 2016 UNCLOS arbitration is our strong bulwark (among others) of protection and defense against aggression by any foreign country in the said body of waters. Calling the arbitration a “drama” by a covetous, scheming neighbor who has lost reasons, legal arguments and sanity to claim what is not theirs is flat out tantrum. But calling it a “deception” by a Filipino is sheer betrayal of his own country – the height of national breach and treachery. Treason.

Why put down your country just because you abominate her allied superpower country who’s even willing to be falsely accused and lampooned just to be by our side?

“Itinuturo ng katwiran, na wala tayong iba pang maantay kundi lalu’t lalong kahirapan, lalu’t laong kataksilan, lalu’t lalong kaalipustaan at lalu’t lalong kaalipinan… Itinuturo ng katwiran ang tayo’y makaisang-loob, magkaisang isip at akala at nang tayo’y magkalakas na maharap ang naghaharing kasamaan sa ating Bayan.”Andres Bonifacio

“The glory of saving a country is not for him who has contributed to its ruin.”Jose Rizal

Stop hating the motherland.

Dear China, leave the West Philippine Sea the soonest possible time. And drop your plan to invade Taiwan. Come to grips with realities and international good will. Peace is priceless and indispensable to human existence for all nations. No amount of invading or covetousness and false diplomacy can achieve or maintain peace. Don’t rock the boat.