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Choose local over imported PPEs — Hontiveros

SENATOR Risa Hontiveros urged the government to boost protection for health workers treating COVID-19 patients by ramping up its purchase of locally-made, quality personal protective equipment (PPE), which will also help local manufacturers and businesses.

“Hindi kailangang maging martir ng mga health workers natin. Even six months into this pandemic, ensuring adequate protection for them continues to be a problem.  Too many doctors and nurses have died in the line of duty.  We have to better ensure that every health worker in every city or province has access to effective and affordable PPE,” she said.

Hontiveros has earlier filed proposed Senate Resolution No. 506, which urges the Senate to probe the progress of the Bayanihan PPE Project, a government-led effort to boost local production of quality PPE for health workers.

The senator sought the probe after reports that the government has only procured 10 million  of the 57.6 million PPEs being produced monthly by the Confederation of Philippine Manufacturers of PPEs (CPMP), as part of the Bayanihan PPE Project.

Hontiveros said that the lack of preference for local PPE manufacturers in favor of costlier imports from countries like China “is questionable, to say the least.”

“Our COVID-19 response budget can afford to supply more frontliners with more medical-grade equipment if we procure locally. We have the supply, we have the quality, and we have the funds — bakit patuloy pa ang mass importation natin?” Hontiveros said.

“Bakit natin pipiliin ang imported PPEs na may kwestiyonableng kalidad kung kaya naman nating mag-produce ng dekalidad sa halos kaparehong presyo? Hindi praktikal ang mag-import pa, habang padami ng padami ang health workers na nagkakasakit,” she said.

Hontiveros said that this is why she is pushing her proposed Pandemic Readiness and Protection Act of 2020, or Senate Bill No. 1796, which requires government to give preference to qualified local manufacturers for the procurement of PPEs, medicines and other essential supplies during a pandemic.

“Through such a policy, we can better ensure that our health workers receive the quality protection they deserve, and we can better protect a growing industry that can employ and has employed thousands of Filipino workers in a time of economic uncertainty,” she said.

The provision of more PPEs for frontliners nationwide must be done immediately, Hontiveros stressed, given the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country. She noted that the Philippines continues to enjoy the “alarming notoriety” of having the highest rate of infections among health workers in Southeast Asia.

“In the face of suffering, Filipinos have always come out as heroes. But so much of that suffering is unnecessary. Huwag nating sayangin ang kabayanihan ng ating mga health workers,” Hontiveros said.

Publication Source :    People's Journal
Marlon Purificacion
Journalist At Large