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Chuck Confidential Fund and Pork Barrel

Confidential fund

“Power corrupts, and there is nothing more corrupting than power exercised in secret.”Daniel Schorr

Congress cannot be wise (or sane) to pass the 2023 “proposed” national budget without dissecting it, much less removing from it all the allocations that can be categorized as “pork barrel.” Let there be translucence and probity in appropriating and dispensing the people’s money.

Why is there such an “elite” chunk in the budget called confidential fund whose nature is dubious? The name itself, “confidential fund,” sounds anomalous. For what good reason is it confidential over which officials have blanket authority to dispense – at their disposal? It is cryptic that such funds, by several billions of pesos, are beyond the scrutiny of the Commission on Audit.

Truth be told, the government doesn’t need revenues from legalized gambling and to borrow funds from financial institutions. Suffice it for them to defeat corruption and simply chuck all the needless portions of the proposed budget (in several billions of pesos) such as the “confidential fund” or “pork barrel” which normally just end up in private pockets, is used in politicking and election-related pointless “projects.”

CorruptionCertain confidential funds are (by and large) intended for intelligence operations, so they say. But what are those “operations” for? And for what intelligent rationalization were they conceived? If there’s a need indeed for such operations, then it should behoove the concerned agencies to present their proposals and disclose their plans to Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) with public confidentiality – for transparency, review, guidance and accountability purposes. Moreover, let the funds for such operations (if there’s any) be taken from the regular (not irregular) budget of the concerned departments.

Why appropriate budgets, in the first place, for activities whose problems and issues government aims to address may just be products of imagination by equally dubious people – only for a budget to be allocated to them? Time for our officials to come to grips with reality and do real good service to our people and nation. Time to chuck “confidential fund” and pork barrel.

The Executive and legislature (and Judiciary) are not cousins. Governing a country knows no blood relatives nor “kumpadres” and “kumadres” and frat kinfolks. But why leave Congress, a co-equal branch of government, in the dark – on the matter of national (not personal) budget?

“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”John 3:20

P.S. Let us support our senators and congressmen who call for the abolition of “confidential fund” and all forms of pork barrel. Otherwise, it is Congress that may have the need to be abolished.

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