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Cindy willing to do anything ‘for the craft’

Cindy Miranda and Rhen Escano
Cindy Miranda and Rhen Escano in 'Adan'

CINDY Miranda is a certified beauty queen. In 2008, she won as Miss Teen Philippine Region 1 and Miss Philippines Earth Baguio. She later also won as Bb. Pilipinas Tourism and represented our country in the Miss Tourism Inernational Pageant held in China where she made it as a semi-finalist. She later became a housemate in PBB Unlimited.

She graduated cum laude from UST with a degree in Tourism and later became a co-host of Willie Revillame when he had his show on  TV5. At ABS-CBN, she  got her break as one of Richard Gutierrez’ vampire girls in the fantaserye, “La Luna Sangre”. She was also fortunate to have been tapped to play one of the lead roles in a Korean film entitled “Package: Golden Holiday”.

“I took the audition and I was so surprised when the director, Kim Bong Han, called me back and got me for the project, with Kwak Do Won as my leading man,” she says. “His best known film is the acclaimed horror movie, ‘The Wailing’. The movie is an action-thriller and was shot here in Manila last year.”

She also played important roles in the action movie, “Maria”, with Cristine Reyes and in the comedy “Sanggano Sanggago’t Sanggwapo” as Janno Gibbs’ leading lady. She now plays one of the lead roles in Viva’s controversial flick, “Adan”, opening on November 20. This is an erotic sapphic romance-drama between two beautiful women.

“Adan” is produced and its story written by Yam Laranas, directed by Roman Perez Jr. who earlier did the indie comedy “Sol Searching”, an entry in the ToFarm Filmfest last year. We’ve had recent lesbian films by Samantha Lee, like “Baka Bukas” and “Billie and Emma”, but they’re indie flicks made by an admitted lesbian, so we’re now curious that a lesbian film in mainstream cinema is made by male filmmakers.

“We interviewed different kinds of lesbians, lipstick, butch, before we wrote the screenplay,” says Direk Roman. “This is really a love story, it just so happened that both parties involved are women.”

“The movie violates all the rules of what a lesbian movie should be,” says Direk Yam, who has made something like it before in “Hibla” with Rica Peralejo and Maui Taylor. “It would disappoint your expectations and also surprise you at the same time with the violence-thriller part.”

“Adan” stars the adventurous duo of Cindy with Rhen Escano doing daring, sizzling bedscenes in the lesbian-themed movie about a farmer’s daughter who escapes rural life to have an exciting life with her best friend. How did they cast it?

“We held auditions from Viva’s pool of talents and we saw Cindy and Rhen as the ones who are really determined and ready to do the roles of Marian and Ellen, the lead characters in ‘Adan’,” says Direk Yam. “Also in the cast are Bembol Roco as Rhen’s abusive father and Epy Quizon as the cop who suspects that Rhen killed her own father. He’ll do anything to solve the case but he cannot help but be attracted to Ellen’s beauty.”

Didn’t Cindy have any qualms doing lesbian scenes? “I’ve never kissed another woman before. May nanligaw sa’king lesbian but I told her I’m straight. But doing kissing scenes with Rhen was easy after we had a workshop at hindi na kami nailang sa isa’t isa. I really love to act and I am willing to do anything for the sake of my craft. Iniisip na lang namin ni Ren na we are not who we are but the characters we play in the story.”

What would would his colleagues in the Bb. Pilipinas say after they see “Adan”? “I really want to invite them to watch it kasi wala naman akong dapat ikahiya. I’m very proud of our movie and our performance ni Rhen in ‘Adan.’”