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CIR Lumagui presents BIR priority programs in PIA press conference

Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui, Jr. of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) presented the “BIR Commissioner’s Report” during the press conference organized by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) on November 10, 2023.

During his opening speech, Commissioner Lumagui expressed his gratitude to PIA for the opportunity to engage with the public through the PIA’s press conference platform, emphasizing the importance of keeping taxpayers well-informed about the developments in taxation and tax administration.

Addressing the negative perceptions associated with taxation, Commissioner Lumagui highlighted the evolution of politics and governance, emphasizing that taxation now serves as a crucial means for the government to fund its economic development programs, benefiting the entire country.

Commissioner Lumagui then outlined the Four Pillars of the BIR’s Tax Campaign, starting with Excellent Taxpayer Service wherein he emphasized the BIR’s commitment to deliver prompt, efficient and competent service, ensuring that taxpayers receive value for their contributions. In his discussion on the second pillar, Digitalization, the Commissioner acknowledged the importance of bringing all aspects of tax administration into the digital realm for enhanced efficiency, impartiality, and transparency.

In the third pillar, Integrity in the Revenue Service, Commissioner Lumagui underscored the importance of good governance in the growth of any organization, and expressed the Bureau’s commitment to champion integrity and transparency to prevent corruption in the revenue service. In the fourth pillar, Audit and Enforcement, he focused on combating illicit trade to protect legitimate businesses and government revenues through robust audit and enforcement measures.

Commissioner Lumagui also stressed the Bureau’s dedication to achieve its revenue targets to sustain the country’s economic recovery programs. He urged collaboration between the public and private sectors, emphasizing the role of taxpayers in supporting the nation’s economic recovery through their contributions.

As the press conference concluded, Commissioner Lumagui left the audience with a call for collective effort, stating, “Let us therefore work together to keep the public informed, and to encourage them to support the country’s economic recovery through their taxes. In so doing, we can all assure our people of a future of peace and progress, and the prospect of even better times ahead.”

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