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Circuit Makati and Mercato Centrale Partner to Present Immersive Asian Night Market

Asian Night Market

19 July 2023, Philippines – Circuit Makati, the city’s premier destination for arts, culture, and entertainment, is partnering with Mercato Centrale, the country’s premier food and lifestyle market, to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a culinary journey across Asia. They are hosting an Asian Night Market from July 21 to July 23, 2023 from 5pm to 12 midnight, as part of this milestone celebration.

The 3-day food festival will present an array of authentic and fusion foods from various Asian countries such as Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, and of course, the Philippines. From spicy Thai food to unique Korean dishes and mouth-watering Filipino food, the Asian Night Market promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Over the past decade, Circuit Makati has been dedicated to providing unique cultural and exciting experiences for all visitors of the estate. This Asian Night Market, a collaborative endeavor, is a testament to Circuit Makati’s commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting the rich culinary heritage of Asia. Everyone is invited to join this delicious journey.

Besides the food stalls offering an extensive range of delectable cuisines, the festival will also feature live cooking demonstrations. These sessions will give attendees a chance to learn about the intricacies of Asian cuisine, the unique ingredients used, and the cooking techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Each stall will highlight a different Asian country, giving visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the flavors and culture of that particular nation. Som’s Noodle House, House of Sushi, Daily Blend Takoyaki, K-Pop, Dimsum Love, Taiwan Eats, Godswin Japanese Rice Bowls, Grub StrEat are notable stalls that specialize in Asian Cuisine. There will also be busker performances to entertain visitors as they feast on the delicious food offerings.

Circuit Makati’s Asian Night Market, in collaboration with Mercato Centrale, is not just a food festival; it’s a sensory journey through Asia’s rich culinary landscape. With its unique combination of food, culture, and entertainment, the event is set to provide an exceptional experience that will leave attendees longing for more.


Mercato Centrale is a destination lifestyle food market that delivers a wide variety of great and unique tasting food, organic, pastry, and beverage products that are one-of-a-kind.

It was inspired by the vibrant food markets of Mercato Centrale in Italy, Boroughs market in London as well as the hawker-type market in the bustling night markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

They incubated many great food concepts that have successfully ‘graduated’ from the market and have grown and became successful themselves, including Manang’s Chicken, Mamalou’s, Shawarma Bros, Brasas, Bawai’s, Merry Moo, Sunrise Buckets, Tokyo Tempura and many more.

It was also the only food market in the Philippines mentioned in the World Atlas of Street Food published in 2017.

All of the vendors in their markets undergo a rigorous vetting process by participating in a ‘Taste Test’ regularly.

Moreover, Mercato Centrale together with the industry’s top players has already developed a Restaurant Business Network— a network of strategic partners (mentorship, product development, food and equipment suppliers, HR, business permits, micro-financing and financial literacy, accounting and taxation, payment gateways, brand management, digital marketing, packaging and design, food safety and hygiene) that help food startup businesses become sustainable, successful and scalable.

Website: https://favorites.mercatocentrale.ph/

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