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Civilization: Reign of Power by Nexon, Wonder Conquests are now available

Civilization: Reign of Power

Season One’s Wonder Conquest begins, Wonders to be revealed based on Historical Chronicle progression

Alliance territory expansion provides chance of Wonder Conquests, domination points, and buffs

SEOUL – Dec. 14, 2022 – Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jung-heon) launched the Season One Wonder Conquests after the release of Civilization: Reign of Power developed by NDREAM Co., Ltd. (CEO Cho Sung-won) on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Since its official launch on Tuesday, Nov. 29, a full-fledged battle between alliances began with the first season in Asia, including South Korea. Players can attack and dominate major Wonders to gain points and win victory for their alliance.

There are a total of 13 kinds of Wonders divided into three grades according to size. They include the tier one Wonder, “Pyramid,” four large city landmarks such as “Gyeongbok Palace” and “The Statue of Liberty,” and eight cultural sites around the world, including “The Colosseum” and “Stonehenge.” Wonders are revealed sequentially as the season progresses starting from low-grade Wonders. Wonder Battles are held every week.

During battle, players can dominate one small city-level Wonder. Small city-level dominations can be expanded to up to three large cities through the Alliance category upgrade. To occupy a Wonder, the alliance’s territory must be connected to it, during which attacks such as “Rally Attack” are possible. Domination rewards provide various compensations and buff effects at the alliance level and can be used to accumulate domination points during the season which can contribute to a win.

Civilization: Reign of Power is a new Nexon game that was officially released in Asia on Tuesday, Nov. 29, and is the first mobile MMOSLG game that utilizes the Civilization IP, a globally renowned strategy franchise. Based on the popular Civilization V, it is characterized not only by its retaining of key elements such as the Victory Conditions and Great People but also by its large-scale PvP war content at the alliance level in a season system.

More information on Civilization: Reign of Power can be found on the official website.

Civilization: Reign of Power Official Website LINK

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