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Clark agency head orders clearing of ‘eyesores’ at aviation complex

CLARK, PAMPANGA — Several illegal structures were removed on Tuesday at the Clark Civil Aviation Complex as part of the government’s plan to rid the area of ‘eyesores’.

Aaron Aquino, president of the Clark International Airport Corp., ordered the clearing of the aviation complex of prohibited structures or improvised facilities such as crudely built shacks, junk yards, sleeping quarters or storage buildings with unkempt surroundings or clotheslines.

We made an earlier appeal to the people responsible for these ‘eyesores’ to voluntarily remove these facilities because they disfigure the commercial and business landscape of the Clark Freeport Zone but to no avail (so) we have to enforce what is lawful and necessary to make things happen,” Aquino said.

CIAC is the government agency tasked to manage the 200-hectare civil aviation complex, which is also home to the privately-run Clark International Airport, along with some 45 locators engaged in aviation- and non-aviation related businesses.

Last July, CIAC formally requested its locators to refrain from building makeshift structures without the government’s prior consent and approval.

My orders are to immediately dismantle these illegal structures, secure the area and prohibit the entry of unauthorized persons, vehicles or equipment or farm animals, to ensure orderliness and create a more conducive business environment,” Aquino added.

The CIAC chief cited that most of the areas with illegal structures are leasable lands and, therefore, need to be appealing to an investment hub like the aviation complex.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight