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Classic Pinoy Drama: Worth-Watching

Maria Clara at Ibarra

The creator’s method is admirable whether the scene is euphoric, ordinary or psychotic.

Barbie Forteza
Barbie Forteza

Double thumbs up to the ongoing TV series “Maria Clara at Ibarra” of GMA7. It’s a poetic dramatization of a poetic novel. Nationalistic and moving. The overall approach has been magnificent since Episode 1.

I’m not fond of Netflix and seldom do I watch television except for news and sports, but with this live modification (of the national hero’s masterpiece writing) that evokes strong feelings, I so enjoy sitting in front of our TV set, relieved of the fiascos and hullabaloos of the present time.

The performance of the actors are splendid with special mention of Barbie Forteza who comes easy and charming, very natural in portraying her role as the modern Maria Clara. The ambiance of each scene and the backdrop settings and costumes are apropos that the audience can feel being transported back into the present, with history coming to life. The director and scriptwriter are exceptional.

The series is a captivating “reenactment” of Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.” While uniquely entertaining (despite excessive advertisements), it inspires and imparts lessons from the past and present, reliving both our folly and greatness as a people. It is worth watching, especially on a big screen with no “interruptions,” should it be shown in theaters. Classic!

The downside of it, though, is the exploitative side on the part of the station management. The viewers are constrained to wait forbearingly as they are made to watch advertisements more and in longer time. But who needs K-drama and Asianovela with a quality program like “Maria Clara at Ibarra”? Why import foreign dramas when Filipinos can do even better?

And, likewise, why the seemingly compelling need for the government to import rice, sugar, salt, fish, fruits, vegetables, local food/recipes, etc., when the agricultural Philippines can well produce its own (in bounty) to be admired by and serve the world via exportation – to uplift our economy and enhance our image/standing as a nation in the international community?

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