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Cloud Storage Solutions – Features & Key Benefits

Cloud Storage

External storage systems have evolved a lot over their history. Floppy disks, DVDs, external hard drives, USB drives – all of these technologies have evolved rapidly and changed along with the hardware base of computers. Now, the time for digitalization and virtualization has come. This means that there is a transition from equipment to functions. And this is where cloud solutions come in handy. What is special about this type of technology? How can you benefit from using cloud services, and what purpose do they serve?

Distinctive Features of Cloud Storage

Regardless of the cloud storage system type (internal or external), the same principle of work can be distinguished. A cloud service provider, or simply “cloud” (private or public), provides its IT infrastructure that allows for reliable and secure management of the data storage servers. Of course, there are some minor differences that you should be aware of once you decide to get started with https://cloudike.com/ solutions:

  • A public cloud is a virtualized storage system from an external provider. In its data center, multiple users store their information without mutual influence on each other. The cost efficiency is achieved through optimal and centralized resource utilization;
  • A private cloud is enterprise-wide virtualized storage. It has a dedicated data center (DPC), whose virtualized infrastructure stores data and runs enterprise applications. In this case, the role of the cloud service provider is most often performed by the enterprise IT service.

Cloud servers do not operate as independent systems within the cloud storage structure but as a single group of servers. For this purpose, disk space, along with other server components, is virtualized using hypervisors. On top of the hypervisor, there will be no longer physical servers, CPUs, and data storage devices, but virtual servers.

What Makes Using Cloud Storage Solutions Beneficial?

There are many reasons why it is so good to organize data storage in an external cloud. First of all, this is saving money on the purchase and maintenance of your own server storage equipment. Some other benefits of cloud storage are as follows:

  • Flexibility – This is the ability to use exactly the amount of storage that is needed at the moment. If you need more, the provider can offer you something that meets your needs. However, in your own system, you must always have the maximum capacity in case of traffic spikes. Otherwise, this may negatively affect the performance;
  • Scalability – Storage virtualization allows you to choose the amount of storage you need on a contract basis. At any time, you can increase or decrease the storage capacity without purchasing equipment, installing and adjusting it. Everything can be done with a click of a mouse;
  • Availability – Cloud storage is available at any time and from any device. You can get data on the go, at any time, and from any location.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage solutions work well for both personal and business purposes. Have a lot of important information to be safely stored? Work with the data and want to ensure its 100% security? No matter what the case of yours is, cloud storage technology will definitely satisfy your needs.

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