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Commemorating Labor Day: A Call for Just Transitions for LuzViMinda Workers

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As we celebrate Labor Day on May 1st, the Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines stands in solidarity with all workers across LuzViMinda nation. This year, amidst our collective efforts towards climate action, we underscore the imperative of ensuring just transitions for all workers.

The concept of just transition is paramount as we navigate the challenges posed by climate change. It is about ensuring that the shift towards a sustainable future does not leave anyone behind, particularly our workers whose livelihoods may be affected by these changes.

Today, we are confronted with the stark reality of the Jeepney modernization program, which epitomizes the struggles faced by Filipino workers in this transition. The displacement of public utility jeepney drivers and operators underscores the urgent need for policies that prioritize the welfare of workers while advancing environmental goals. We call for comprehensive support mechanisms to aid those affected, ensuring that no worker is left behind.

Furthermore, the transition to renewable energy, organic agriculture, biodiversity conservation, zero waste initiatives, and circular economic enterprises holds immense potential for our nation’s sustainable development. However, it is crucial that these transitions are carried out equitably, with adequate support for workers transitioning to new industries or practices.

The Green Jobs Act of the Philippines is a vital legislative framework that aims to facilitate this transition. Enacted eight years ago, it holds promise in promoting green employment opportunities while safeguarding the rights and welfare of workers. However, its implementation requires rigorous assessment and continual improvement to ensure its effectiveness in fostering just transitions.

As we commemorate Labor Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to a future where environmental sustainability and social justice go hand in hand. Let us advocate for policies and initiatives that prioritize the well-being of workers, ensuring that no one is left behind in our journey towards a sustainable and equitable society.

Together, let us work towards a future where every Filipino worker can thrive in harmony with nature. Happy Labor Day! Mabuhay ang manggagawang Pilipino!

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