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Commuter group asks DOTr to solve long lines at EDSA Bus Carousel

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today brought attention to commuter concerns on the management and operations of the EDSA Bus Carousel.

According to Primo Morillo, TPF Convener, “We have received several complaints regarding the EDSA busway and it definitely needs the attention of the Department of Transportation.”

“Aside from the usual problems like the difficulty in going to Carousel terminals, several complaints pertain to the buses consuming time in transporting commuters from one station to another. The reports also suggest that this is due to the fact that bus drivers and conductors maximize their time at the loading bays so they can get more passengers and collect more fares,” he continued.

Morillo explained that the seeming root cause of this problem is the boundary system that are still in place even in the EDSA Busway.

“We don’t see any other reason for drivers and conductors to aim for more fare collection than the boundary system. As such, we demand that the DOTR look at this issue and quickly address it,” Morillo said.

He added, “One of the things that commuters appreciate on the busway system is that it is in an exclusive express lane. However, this so-called express lane will be negated if we allow buses to line up and idle for long at loading docks because of the outdated boundary system.”

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