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Commuter group calls on NLEX to shoulder expenses, pay damages re: PNR incident

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today called on NLEX Corporation to cover hospitalization costs and compensate the affected workers and commuters for the injuries and other damages caused by the NLEX crane accident along the PNR tracks yesterday.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “As a huge company, it should be automatic for NLEX Corporation to commit that they will cover the hospitalization expenses of the victims of this accident and that they provide compensation for the injuries and other damages to those who are affected. We also call on them and the PNR management to reveal the details of the incident in the interest of the public.”

Morillo also demanded that NLEX Corporation pay for the repair and, in case needed, replacement of PNR facilities that were damaged by the incident.

“Based on the photos, it seems that the damaged train is a Hyundai Rotem DMU train set that started serving commuters in 2009. As far as we know, this is the last DMU set that remains in service and because of this incident, PNR commuters will be deprived of a much-needed train. NLEX Corporation should make a public commitment that they will ensure that the train and other PNR properties affected by this accident will be restored or replaced using NLEX funds,” Morillo added.

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