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Commuter group urges national expansion of MC Taxi study

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today asked the government’s Technical Working Group on Motorcycle Taxis to expand the current MC Taxi pilot study on a national scale.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “The lack of transport options is a problem that is not exclusive to Metro Manila commuters. We have seen how the MC taxi’s expansion in other key cities was appreciated by commuters in Cebu and Cagayan De Oro. It is about time to expand the program to other urban centers in order to maximize this not just for public transport but also for the livelihood of potential riders the program will legitimize.”

In last month’s joint hearing of the Senate Committees on Public Services and Local Government, Senator Raffy Tulfo raised that there are more habal-habals in the provinces especially in transport terminals and public markets. Tulfo is concerned that these unauthorized operations are unsafe and he asked MC taxi operators to help train and legitimize these riders.

“Senator Tulfo appropriately recommended that we should push for the legitimization of habal-habal as it will legitimize the income of habal-habal drivers while also ensuring passenger safety through proper training and insurance provision. There is no other way to realize it but to allow MC taxi companies to expand in the provinces,” Morillo added.

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