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Confidential Fund: What is Hidden?

Confidential Fund

With due respect to our officials in the departments/offices that have budgets (in staggering amounts) allotted to them under the coveted “confidential fund,” may I ask, what is hidden?

The word confidential itself is suspect. Is there some dubious game plan in the offing for bad guys to play later? Why, in the first place, is there such a confidential fund “alimony” in the national budget? For what purpose are they providing such a loophole for wrongdoing or malfeasance? The Commission on Audit itself admits that it is close to impossibility for its auditors to scrutinize the confidential fund.

Buoyed by the government’s impotence, crooks thrive to no end. Blackmail, extortion, bribery and bogus projects/”operations” in various forms are rampant. Crooks treat public service as a slot machine to gamble with the people’s welfare and the nation’s future, using their positions – just to grab (via Grab Express) every opportunity to enrich themselves, in cahoots with equally corrupt private individuals and corporations, and with speed swifter than the fastest mouse on the planet, Speedy Gonzales.

Crooks may protect the nation’s interest, but not as much as they protect each other. And once they are caught red-handed, they fear nothing and no one because they have the knowhow and connections to get away with their loot – “legally.” They apparently have more than one string to their bow as they treat the government to be a big fraternity gang.

If the city of Marikina rewards its constituents for catching rats and turning them over to local authorities – to free communities from their destructive grinds, why don’t we do it in a national scale to unwanted creatures more beastly and pernicious than rats – the corrupt in the government.

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