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Congrats, DTCAM Dir. Dungo, Rep. Manny Lopez and DTI- Ali mall

CONGRATULATIONS to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila (DTCAM) headed by its Director, Charlie Duñgo.

During the recently-concluded 21st National Convention of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines held last October 29, 2020, the DTCAM bagged the Grand Prize for the “Move Your Destination Forward!” video contest.

The competition was held among members of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines.

The videos created for the said contest were meant to present to the public, in various ways, the different tourist projects that these destinations have made to kickstart tourism amidst the ongoing pandemic.

With the city of Manila as the grand winner, the other winners are: for Luzon- Municipality of Mauban, Quezon; Visayas – Province of Negros Occidental and Mindanao-Province of Davao Del Norte.

Director Dungo said having Mayor Isko Moreno as the mayor of Manila and head of the local government of the country’s premier city is such a tall order since they, as city officials, have to consistently strive for excellence.

This, he said, is the only way to be at par with the kind of quality service Mayor Kois had been offering to the citizens of Manila. Giving anything less would be such a shame, Dungo says.


Congratulations too, to Manila first District Representative Manuel Luis ‘Manny’ Lopez, on the decision of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) to uphold his victory in the 2019 elections.

The HRET junked the electoral protest of his opponent Benjamin ‘Atong’ Asilo in a resolution promulgated on August 27 but which was released to the media just last Thursday.

The dismissal of Asilo’s protest was contained in a decision issued by the nine-member HRET which found the case to be “insufficient in form and substance.” Reportedly, Asilo had manifested that he would no longer present the 112 witnesses who would supposedly prove the alleged election irregularities and that instead, a technical examination expert would be presented to testify on the results of the technical examination of the signatures and/or thumb marks of the voters found in the Election Day Computerized Voters’ Lists in the protested clustered precincts, as well as the members of the Board of Canvassers to testify on the nine unaccounted State of Votes by Precincts.

The HRET said Asilo’s manifestation “only shows that his causes of action are not lodged in the election frauds, irregularities and anomalies given by said witnesses but on the alleged ‘shocking discrepancy’ between the number of voters ‘who actually voted’ as against the ‘total number of combined votes obtained’ by him and Lopez. The HRET added: “The Tribunal does not accept a mere allegation of the existence of a questionable mathematical disparity of votes for it fails to establish a cause of action necessary to initiate an action before the Tribunal.”

Makati City Pabakuna

The HRET also said Asilo’s merely wanted to conduct manual recount of ballots to confirm his suspicion that he was cheated, believing the purpose of presenting a technical examination expert is to “verify those voters who actually voted during the 2019 elections.”

Rep. Lopez welcomed the decision of the HRET to uphold his election victory, saying his landslide win was clear and irrefutable.

With the protest now resolved, the residents of the first district of Manila in Tondo are the winners. Their will and real choice of their representative in Congress have been upheld.


DTI STAFF IN ALI MALL LAUDED — Kudos to those running the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) office at the third floor of Ali Mall in Quezon City. Not only is its system very orderly and safe from COVID-19, its staff are also very accomodating, fast and very courteous, particularly business counsellors Madeline Dacusin, Ma. Sofia Francisco and Brail Ivan Liwanag.

These DTI staff are very good at explaining things with utmost patience and were very detailed that one can’t go wrong. If only all government employees are like them…


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