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Controversies: Heart of the Issues

Heart vs Money

Valid reasons are aplenty for people, media and officials who question the “visits” of plainclothes cops to the houses of journalists and for those who call for the resignation or replacement of Justice Secretary Boying Remulla, foremost of which reasons falls under ethics and honor in governance otherwise called “delicadeza.”

As to the alleged Percy Lapid‘s hitman who surrendered, it is a case of misgiving and the acceptability of the person as the real culprit (or fall guy), based on facts and circumstances surrounding the whole matter. Though if indeed he was the hitman, the next big question is the truth (or mastermind) behind the narratives, however truthful (or scripted) the narratives may be.

But while we endeavor to address the above controversies (with a few others) as best as we can, let us not get side tracked and lose sight of the more important issues and controversies of the day like the proposed national budget for 2023, which budget is seen to be laden with massive portions that can be snap ready sources of corruption – in the form of confidential fund, pork barrel, unidentified/unspecified and unexplained “programs” and “projects.”

Approving the said budget without removing such dubious allocations or without doing what’s right and prudent on the part of our legislators would have repercussions incomparably more disastrous than if we will fail on the above-mentioned issues.

Be wary that such “budgets” will most certainly not benefit our people and nation, not as much (by far) as they would in serving the personal and political interests of crooks, using the “people” and “national interest” as their touted center of concern – to fatten their wallets/bank accounts.

Wonder not, therefore, dear countrymen, if we have “leaders” galore who love the country too much that they don’t want to leave “public service” anymore.

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

That’s the heart of the issue – for all issues.