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‘Corrupt’ exec not  with BoC anymore

Rody to Jagger: ‘Read my lips’

THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) clarified that Atty. Teodoro Jumamil, the former ‘chief of staff’ to Comm. Rey Leonardo ‘Jagger’ Guerrero, has left the bureau more than one year ago, with his “engagement” officially terminated as of July 9, 2019.

Assistant commissioner and BOC spokesperson, Atty. Vincent Maronilla, in a statement, added that “notices” to customs officials and personnel, as well as the transacting public, were also issued during the same period.

He added another memorandum was also released yesterday to the general public to reiterate this fact.
Deputy commissioner for internal administration, Donato San Juan, another retired military official, has taken over the post of Jumalil since then, Maronilla added.

It was Pres. Duterte, during his televised Cabinet meeting last August 25, who brought the name of Jumalil. Laden with expletives, the Chief Executive described Jumalil as “utterly corrupt.”

Pres. Duterte also bared that he had considered “replacing” Guerrero, over Jumamil’s continued stay at the BOC.

“Sabi ko kay Jagger (Guerrero’s nickname), bitawan mo ‘yan (Jumamil), pag hindi, sisirain ka. Eh, malapit na talaga siyang masira.

“Jagger, I was considering of replacing you. Not because of anything, I can vouch, malinis ka. The problem is, do not entertain loyalty especially in government,” the Chief Executive said.

He also gave a “parting advise” to Guerrero and all his other appointees: “If you think the idiot is going to destroy you, you destroy him first.”

In another media interview, Jumamil, for his part, denied the President’s accusations, saying it is not for him to speak about his character and integrity but of his former and present superiors, Guerrero and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) president, Alberto Romulo.

President Duterte had also questioned Jumalil’s purportedly having two government positions, one at the BOC and the other as DBP director.

Maronilla clarified that Jumamil was never compensated during his stay at the BOC.

Guerrero, for his part, did not respond to this writer’s questions, specifically to Jumamil’s call for the customs chief to vouch for his integrity.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight