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Corruption: Dear BBM


Referring to the anomalous importation/flooding of foreign agri products in the local market, BBM uttered strongly, “hahabulin natin sila” (“we will run after them”). Resolute words.

Dear President Bongbong Marcos, tough challenges stare your new administration in the face which will require more than tough words to address them. Ergo, corruption is the most blatant of them all (as usual for any administration). Putting flesh to your promise,”Babangon tayong muli” is achievable, but only if you prioritize fighting corruption in government at this early stage. If I may suggest, your honor, let Manny Pacquiao be by your side to lead the battle and go for a knockout (and jail all crooks) – as he always vows to do if given the chance.

In this regard, let me share with you what I have written on my phone note just recently:

Our ever ballooning, impossible national debt is a burden beyond problematic that even future generations will have to grin and bear. Filipinos are now P12.68 trillion buried in debt. Alas, technocrats and “experts” have a common frame of mind in uplifting the economy – loans and taxes (to bury us deeper).

But before they resort to World Bank, more taxes, huge budgets, privatization and selling government assets to raise money for the government (or crooks), why won’t they first think of solving our losses and idiocy (by the billions of pesos) due to crookedness and avarice? Eliminate sharks, vultures and wolves in public service. In other words, eradicate (not just minimize) corruption. Such is achievable for leaders who are upright, sane and serious. There is no herculean task for Hercules or for the strong, wise, godly and brave.

Corruption goes far more than stealing money from the nation’s coffer. Corruption bargains everything with the devil, including lives, souls and an entire nation – for selfish gain. Do things differently to get different/better results this time. Trust God. Do away with traditions, “technocratic” mindsets, politics and government folly. I mean shun the ways of the lazy, inept, impertinent, nonchalant, fearful, unrighteous, scoundrels and barbaric. Solve corruption and therefore solve poverty, inflation, criminality, rebellion and all else that go with greed.

Corruption begets children. It is the mother of all evils in government and private sectors. Stop their spread. Fight the battle, tooth and nail.

By Reni M. Valenzuela