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Corruption in sugar mess

Sugar Corruption

Now soft drinks don’t only cause diabetes and cancer. It appears that soft drinks or their producers are causing the fall of our own local sugar industry and therefore they do harm to the Philippine economy and the consuming public. This is corruption not only because soft drink companies love buying sugar from neighbor countries (to worship profit), but likely even the very soul of our government officials.

United Sugar Producers Federation President Manuel Lamata was in effect saying that bottlers are the ones behind the country’s artificial sugar shortage (in cahoots with crooks) by referring to them as the “shameless big bucks lobbyists” that are behind the so-called SO4.

Lamata assures, “The local (sugar) industry is capable of supplying their demand but the problem with these American companies is that they prefer cheaper imported sugar mainly from Thailand.” Why don’t these companies help the government instead to uplift our sugar industry so that it may offer them sugar (soft drink’s main ingredient) at a cheaper price?

Hence, may I propose, dear countrymen, let us heed the call of our local sugar producers to “boycott” soft drinks or certain brands that insist on buying sugar from other countries.

I don’t drink soft drinks for health reasons. But who needs soft drinks anyway especially in these economically hard times – for Filipinos?

By Reni M. Valenzuela