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COVID-19 kills 3 more in Quezon

LUCENA CITY — Three more patients died of coronavirus desease (COVID-19) yesterday bringing the total number of fatalities in the province to 95.

In its latest bulletin, the Quezon Public Information Office (QPIO) announced that

the latest fatalities are from the towns of Quezon and Lopez and this city.

Last Sunday, three other virus carriers were reported in the towns of Infanta, Sariaya and Mauban.

The last remaining virus- free town has recorded first confirmed case, the QPIO said.

San Andres, a coastal municipality in Southern Quezon has been COVID-19 free since the start of pandemic. On Monday, a first confirmed case was recorded despite the very strict implementation of health protocols by the municipal government under Mayor Giovanne Lim.

Makati City Pabakuna

It was learned that the town’s first recorded virus carrier is a 31-year-old asymptomatic woman , a resident of Bgy. Pansoy.

Lim, a first termer mayor and lawyer by profession, said they have done their best to keep the town virus- free since March.

We have been doing everything for since the start of pandemic but its really hard to prevent the virus from coming,”said Lim over the phone.

So far, Quezon has 3,110 confirmed cases. Of this, 1,964 have recovered, 95 have died and the remaining 1,051 are still admitted in different madical facilities.

Despite the increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and mortalities, Quezon, remains under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

Publication Source :    People's Tonight