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Crusading Media


The media is the mirror through which we can see a nation for what it has become and what it will be in the future. We cannot underestimate the good that the media can do, but what is “unfortunate” and undeniable is the state of a nation cannot be any different from the state of its own media.

Praise or howl, but we, the media, are what makes the government good or bad – which in turn makes people either hungry and cursed or filled and blessed – and makes the nation either move forward or backward, progress or retrogress. The media that doesn’t fight for something naturally falls for nothing and therefore serves as a bane to the country instead of a blessing.

What’s the point of being concerned about world events such as the diabolic Hamas attack on Israel if we cannot even care about our own people in our own country and be concerned about what has been happening immediately around us, right before our very eyes? Many of which may be likened to Hamas attacks – in wickedness and massiveness of destruction.

You don’t only report the news and give your views. You discern, uncover, denounce and subdue the devils in the news, relentlessly. And then you just ignore the “old tunes”/scapegoats of goats – for them to continue being goats that rape and pillage the motherland.

We need a crusading media, not a cold, warped, apathetic one – much less at a time when there is a clear, urgent call for the media to stand up to foreign bullying and have courage to fight sanctioned corruption and abuses. If the media in China is censored by its government, ours seems to be “self-absorbed,” absurdly.

You cannot just sit idly by and watch the motherland being beaten black and blue by crooks and thugs, and bullied by bullies. Your view (or absence of view) on important, burning issues of the day brings judgment upon yourself whether or not there is reason for you to stay in the media or resign/be booted out. The same goes for public officials and those in the private sector.

What is your take (if you care) on current events tells your worth or worthlessness as a media practitioner (and media outlet), under whatever “category” in the media you are assigned. Life’s problems and realities are never unconnected with any subject under the sun. There is no hermit in the media or that hermit is lost in the jungle.

When was the last time that you spoke, shed light on and tried to make sense out of the lingering life and death national/local issues in the country such as extrajudicial killing, confidential and intelligence fund, human rights violation, sanctioned deceit, official inanity, plunder, injustice or perverted justice, fake news, social media trolling, scamming, smuggling, hoarding, cartels, environment idiocy, internet pornography, bad TV programs, frat deaths, gambling, immorality, oppression, perversion, political persecution, political avarice, political “SOP”/bribery, political dynasty, private army, etcetera – all done and committed with bluntness and brazenness (legal and illegal) – in broad daylight.

Jose Rizal

You cannot be indifferent and simply tell stories and anecdotes from your own cute leisure and travel experience all the time. Stand up for peace, justice and uprightness. Make your presence known and felt, helpful and meaningful – in a society that is constantly beleaguered by anomalies, wrongdoings and shenanigans of all sorts. Find a particular opprobrium for yourself to discuss once in a while, on a regular basis. Make a stand. Makialam. Have a say on important, critical issues of the time.

In short, be relevant – for Christ’s sake.

It is not for nought that the media carries power that can equal the most powerful person and entity in the world. Hence, the media ought to be a partner with the government to uplift its own country, not devils.

You may criticize the government, but don’t consider/cause its downfall unless the one on top of it is a devil. BBM is far from being one. He has his own flaws, blinders and blunders, but he seems (thus far) different from past unrepentant evil rulers in history that burglarize their nations and committed crimes of humanity. Be fair and on track in trying to “serve” the country by way of criticizing. You cannot afford to be a traitor to your own nation.

Should you fail in being the right media (in character) and playing your task/role as a watchdog for the government, you only have yourself to blame and criticize first, bitterly and unforgivingly.

The best support we, the media, can give any president of our own country is an upright, apolitical and courageous soul to stand on the truth by fighting for the truth, and giving voice to the voiceless, boldly.

“Fearless reporting delivered to the people” is not only reporting the truth. It is reporting the truth from an upright heart, with the purpose of enlightening people and crushing evils. Stop being carried away and hoodwinked by “awards,” popularity surveys and mass viewership or readership. Cease mouthing empty slogans. Do right, not lip-service.

Media and Democracy

Editorials and opinions must be crafted with forcefulness of mission, courage and clarity of what they are and where they are coming from – untainted convictions that are free from politics and personal, vested interests – to fight for and uphold justice, equity and righteousness – and to beat corruption, deceits, criminalities and all sorts of malefactions and transgressions, perpetrated by authorities no less, in connivance with the avaricious in society.

Such is the one and only way for the media to “balance” its role as a watchdog in order to bless its citizenry and be useful in nation-building. Don’t cower. Don’t cover. The government is inherently powerful. Thus, it behooves the media to exercise its equally intrinsic sovereign rights and authority that can and should equal those of the crooks, thugs or anybody in the halls of power – for the good of all. “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-ending stream.” – Amos 5:24

In the electricity system there is what we call ACDC which when spelled out means Alternating Current (by Nicola Tesla and George Westinghouse) and Direct Current (by Thomas Edison). The media, for its part, has its own ACDC – Attack and Collect, Defend and Collect. This is not an understatement, nor is it a sweeping one for I refer only, basically, to those who are members of the media’s elite club – likewise called ACDC (Anti-Christ, Devil-Cohorts). Alas!

Crusading media. If you are not a part of it, you have no business being a part of the media. Face it.

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