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Cua – Gov’t must provide clean water to all communities in PH


Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines president and Quirino governor Dax Cua urged the government to “go all-out” in efforts to provide clean water to communities around the country to help prevent the outbreak of disease.

This, as the Department of Health recently reported that 773 cholera cases have been recorded this year in different parts of the country as of March 11.

The health department also tallied 3,756 cholera cases, with 19 deaths since 2023 until March 31 this year.

“Clean water is crucial in preventing the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. This is why the government should prioritize providing access to clean water to all Filipinos,” said Cua.

Cua underlined the role that water and sanitation facilities play in preventing water-borne diseases, particularly in poorer communities.

He urged the executive and legislative branches to ensure that appropriate agencies receive proper funding to bridge the gap in access to clean water in the country.

The National Water Resources Board said last year that about 11 million Filipino families still lack access to clean water.

“With budget season approaching, I hope that our water agencies get enough funding so that all communities in the country finally have access to clean water,” Cua said.

According to the Global Cholera and AWD Dashboard of the World Health Organization, the Philippines was the only country in the Western Pacific, and one of only 30 in the world, that recorded cholera and acute water disease outbreaks last year.

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