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Cybercrime Advisory: Beware of email scam allegedly from GCash


The Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) has warned customers from clicking fake emails allegedly sent by the country’s biggest mobile payment service, GCash.

CICC Executive Director Alexander K. Ramos said that scammers have been sending emails via Viber and Facebook Messengers instead of the usual SMS messages.

The email message reads: “Good day from GCash, we would like to inform you that your account is under review, we request you to verify your account to continually access our eWallet services.”

GCash Scam

The email message includes a link where the customers is supposed to provide personal and account details.

“We always advise the public to avoid clicking any links from unknown or suspicious senders,” Ramos said.

“Scammers used to send such links through SMS but now they have found another platform,” he said.

Ramos said that the number of scam text messages have declined significantly since the implementation of the SIM Registration Act or Republic Act No. 11934 on Dec. 27,2022.

“The scammers are bypassing our SMS systems by using emails as senders or via social media like Viber and FB Messengers,” he lamented.

Last year, GCash has blocked 4 million accounts in 2023 has taken down 810 Phishing sites and 45,000 malicious social media posts.

GCash is a Filipino mobile payments service owned and operated by Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. Some 94 million Filipinos have tried GCash and around 6 million merchant sellers and 935,000 small scale community merchants are already on board the platform.

Victims of online scam are encouraged to call 1326, the hotline of the Inter-Agency Response Center (IARC).

Issued by the Office of CICC Executive Director Alexander K. Ramos

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