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Danao for NCRPO a perfect move

NEWLY-INSTALLED Philippine National Police chief Gen. Camilo Cascolan is said to be considering CALABARZON police director Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao, Jr. to replace Maj. Gen.Debold Sinas as chief of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

This is a very good move on the part of Cascolan. It can help boost the image of the PNP which was dented due to the ‘mananita’ issue that, unfortunately and inevitably, continues to hound Sinas.

It will be recalled that Sinas drew flak from the public stemming from the birthday party he held with his men sometime in May, at a time when the whole of Metro Manila was under the strictest enhanced community quarantine and social gatherings were prohibited.

Sinas was not removed nor sanctioned but the word ‘mananita’ and its negative connotation latched on to the poor guy.

Now if Cascolan will put Danao at the helm of the NCRPO, it will be a welcome development given Danao’s reputation, achievements and qualifications as well as his competence and attitude toward work. It will be like turning a new leaf on the part of the PNP and is expected to restore confidence and respect for the institution. Apparently, Cascolan wants his administration of the PNP to succeed to the fullest which is why he would want someone like Danao on board. The fact that Danao himself is a PNP chief material shows that Cascolan is focused not on powerplay or competition, but on getting his job done with flying colors.

Danao served in different police stations, especially in the most crime-prone areas in Davao when President Rodrigo Duterte was mayor there. He also led Duterte’s anti-drug campaign in Davao and turned the province into a safe destination for tourists as he also took care of the problem about rebels.

Notably, Danao’s brand of service to Davao was validated by the people themselves, when they named a community of 7,000 residents ‘Barrio Vicente,’ as a gesture of gratitude to the Duterte-Danao tandem in their area.

His stint as chief of the Manila Police District (MPD) before he was assigned to head the CALABARZON area was also exceptional.

Under his leadership, all drug operations in Manila fell into the right place. He imposed, via stern and ‘meant’ warnings, the policy of ‘No Tanim-Droga, No-Agaw-Bato’ or the notorious practices by some unscrupulous cops of ‘planting’ drugs or confiscating them only to ‘recycle’ them so that they (drugs) are back in the streets in no time.

Danao also commanded respect and high esteem from his fellow officers and subordinates because he led by example and was always hands on, specially when it came to special operations.

Sometimes, our reputation precedes us. In the case of Danao, my interest in meeting him way back was stirred by a story intimated to me by an unimpeachable source.

Makati City Pabakuna

The source said that Danao was being directed by a ranking official of the former city administration to ‘produce and deliver’ a certain amount of money to be derived from illegal vendors and other illicit activities in the city.

Danao, I was told, flatly rejected the idea and expressed his disgust at the order and the one who delivered the message to him.

Some say Danao went on to say: ‘Ano ko, delivery boy?’ and was not bothered by warnings that he might earn the ire of the so-called ‘powers-that-be’ at that time.

Just when everybody was kowtowing or busy kissing the ass of those at the helm of power then, Danao was one public official who stood up and will continue to stand up against anyone who will make him compromise his principles and integrity, no matter what.


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