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De los Santos wins gold in World Series

De los Santos
De los Santos: 24th gold.

WINNING a gold medal is really becoming a habit for karate champion James de los Santos.

De los Santos added another gold medal to his collection — 24th, to be exact –when he ruled the 5th SportsData e-Tournament World Series recently.

The 30-year-old Filipino champion, who rose to prominence by clinching No.1 in the world online karate rankings, defeated Matias Moreno Domont of Switzerland, 24.9-23.7, in the final.

Before reaching the championship stage, De los Santos won over Andrei Gabriel Nedelcu of Romania 24.6-23.7 in the round-of-16, Lukas Grimm of Germany 24.4-23.2 in the quarterfinal and Silvio Cerone-Biogioni of South africa, 24.4-24.1 in the semis;

I’m very happy to win my 24th gold medal. This is the second time I’ve won the SportData eTournament,” said De los Santos after winning the event, which is the biggest e-tournament for kata since it gives more points, as compared to other events.

The amount of ranking points awarded would nearly multiply to that of a regular virtual tournament,. This will help me widen my lead over former world No.1 Eduardo Garcia of Portugal,” explained de los Santos.

Forward is the only way to go.

Thank you God for keeping me healthy and safe. Thank you to my kata coach, Masa Saito. Thank you to my sponsor Star Kaffea Corp. Thank you to Kazuo Saito sensei and Nozomi Yamanaka for your teachings. Thank you to my parents for the guidance. Thank you to my conditioning coach Jay Futalan. And thank you to my former teammate and MKKPI chief instructor Gierby Halog Lacorte and my tito Adonis Colonia,” De los Santos posted on his Facebook account.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight