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Destabilization Plot: The Patriot and Selfish

Rodolfo Azurin Jr.

The move by the government to purge the police and military of scalawags, crooks and criminals is a move to moralize the police and military, not the other way around. But for what purpose is the rumor of destabilization plot, true or not, being circulated around?

Any such plot/s allegedly being hatched by disgruntled members of the police and military amid the resignation of defense officials and/or on account of the Interior Secretary’s order for all the top brass (generals and colonels) of the Philippine National Police to tender their courtesy resignation must be rejected, aborted and condemned. It is an act of selfishness, if not guilt, on the part of the plotters.

It goes to show the unworthiness of each one of them in occupying positions of responsibility within the armed organization of the country. And by saying that, I refer not just to the destabilizers (or coup thinkers) but also to those who refuse to submit to the purging process.

On the other hand, those who already heeded the call and have tendered their resignations are commendable for exhibiting such an honorable gesture of patriotism, aware of the fact that they are tasked to defend, secure and serve the country, not themselves and anybody’s interests. Kudos to PNP Chief General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. for being the first to submit his courtesy resignation, and for leading the way.

Time indeed for the biblical separation of the wheat from the tares in the military and police, and in the government as a whole, national and local. It is an imperative move, a long overdue act by the government if the police and military were to get their acts together toward truly solving the country’s problems of criminality, corruption and sanctioned idiocies.

Benhur AbalosThis purging being the latest laudable move of Secretary Benhur Abalos will not only help solve the deep-seated drug problem of the country, but as well every other pestering, persisting problems that we have, e.g. smuggling and illegal logging, and many others, wherein police and military personnel (ex and active) are involved one way or another, or themselves the masterminds.

Congratulations to BBM for having chosen and appointed the brave and courageous Abalos as his Interior Secretary. His administration must have been doing right and doing well in certain aspects, except in the aspects of foreign relations and the economy, vis-a-vis the West Philippine Sea and Maharlika Investment Fund respectively.

Abalos and Azurin are the double “A”s of the Marcos Jr. administration and together an ace for the government. They both seemed like prized picks.

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