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Dianne defends Rodjun: ‘Humble lang ang asawa ko’

RODJUN Cruz and wife Dianne Medina are expecting the arrival of the stork soon. They’ll have a baby boy who they intend to name as Joaquin. But although Dianne is about to be visited by the stork soon, she’s the one who seems to be busier with work between the two of them.

Rodjun is a Kapuso actor and he’s not taping for any show now, while Diane is not only a TV and movie actress (she was last seen on the big screen in “The Annulment”), but also does hosting and news anchoring work for PTV-4.

Of course, haters and bashers wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to needle Rodjun, telling him he seems to be now more dependent on his wife, since he has no acting or dancing job at the moment. Someone even quipped: “Wala ka nang ginawa sa buhay kundi mag-Tiktok nang mag-Tiktok, a. Yung asawa mo ang kumakayod habang buntis pa sa panganay nyo.”

Rodjun didn’t make any reply, but it’s his wife Diane who took up the cudgels for him. Diane wrote in her social media account: “My husband is working really hard for me and baby Joaquin. Hindi lang siya masyadong ma-post. Hehehe. And for your information, may bayad po TikTok niya and IG posts and he has a lot of endorsements. Humble lang kasi asawa ko.”

Our advice to bashers: Let’s leave Rodjun and Dianne alone. As long as a married couple is happy with their own personal arrangements about their marital life, we have no business meddling with them at all.