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Digital advocacy network bats for online adjudication to improve NCAP implementation

A network of digital advocates urged Local Government Units implementing the No Contact Apprehension Program and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to streamline the processing of traffic violations by implementing online adjudication of traffic violations.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that one of the issues that NCAP oppositors is raising is that their experience is that it will take it one day to for them to be able to contest the apprehension and then another day for the adjudication process which makes contesting an improper apprehension a hassle.

“We highly encourage the LGUs and the MMDA to institutionalize online violation contesting and adjudication so that apprehended parties that are feeling that they should not have been apprehended will not be inconvenienced further.”

Gustilo also said that improving government processes involving traffic management and improving road conditions will eliminate external factors that cause several motorists to oppose the No Contact Apprehension Program.

“While The LGUs and the MMDA should implement improvements in their contesting and adjudication processes, they should also work with the Department of Public Works and Highways in improving road conditions such as clear signages and road markings, working traffic lights and smoothening of road works so that the factors that oppositors are saying will be lessened.”

Gustilo is also urging all parties involved to have a sit down and discuss and iron out the issues and concerns of oppositors and for oppositors to hear out implementing agencies and come up with an agreeable output.

“In the end, the implementers and the oppositors should meet in the eye and come up with something that will be agreeable to all. While we understand that some want the total scrapping of the program, we believe that the program serves the best interest of the public, for the safety of all road users.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner