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Digital advocacy network blasts Grab amidst rider protest

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates castigated Grab Philippines for its unfair treatment of delivery riders.

Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the protest action held by Grab delivery riders in Cebu is the tip of an iceberg of issues facing Grab.

“The protest action held by Cebu-based Grab riders only show how unfair Grab is treating its riders. The fact that they pushed through with their protest despite possible off-boarding from Grab shows the gravity of the situation delivery riders is facing”

Gustilo said that Grab riders in other areas have also protested against Grab’s unfair treatment of its delivery riders. Last August, Grab riders in Angeles City, Pampanga protested against Grab’s sudden price-drop of its delivery charge. According to the protesting riders, Grab claims that it was part of their promo but the riders were not properly compensated.

“What happened in Cebu and Pampanga is actually happening in areas where Grab is operating. Many delivery riders, which Grab calls as their “partners”, are complaining against Grab’s maltreatment.

In turn, consumers also bear the brunt as they are inconvenienced as well.”

Gustilo stressed that the protests launched by its delivery riders further proves that Grab is not fit to join the motorcycle taxi industry. In August, Grab announced that it acquired Move It, a participant of the motorcycle taxi pilot study.

“The recent protests against Grab shows that they are unfit to join the motorcycle taxi industry. They should first address the concerns of their delivery riders before venturing into another industry.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner