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Digital advocacy network blasts LTO plan to scrap online portal

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates blasted Land Transportation Office chief Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz III after he bared that he is considering the scrapping of its online portal.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that his failure to address the long-time problem of fixers in LTO should be blamed for the licensure mess.

“LTO chief Guadiz is shooting from the hip again, like what he did in NCAP and the IT system. Why scrap the LTMS if the agency’s personnel are the ones messing it up? He’s one of the first appointees of the current administration, but has he done anything to eradicate the fixers in LTO? ”

Gustilo was reacting to Guadiz’s statement during the hearing of the Senate’s finance subcommittee when Senator Grace Poe questioned him about how fixers were using the Land Transportation Management System, an online portal used by LTO to manage transactions within the agency.

Gustilo said that Guadiz should stop bugging LTO’s IT provider and shape up LTO personnel.

“What he should have done was to address the matter head on. He must bear in mind that LTO personnel, and not the online portal and its IT provider, are the ones who can identify if the person attending the seminar and taking the exam are different people. And it could have been avoided if only due diligence had been done.”

Gustilo also said that Guadiz should study carefully his pronouncements as they may lead to more problems in the future.

“Guadiz’s knee-jerk reactions to issues surrounding his agency are not helping the agency. In fact, it creates more problems. Instead of focusing his time and resources on the improvement of the services in LTO, it seems Guadiz is more inclined to pick up a fight with LTO’s IT provider, at the expense of the agency’s clients.”

Gustilo urged Guadiz to either shape up LTO by implementing programs that would improve its services.

“There are so many issues that the LTO chief needs to address, such as the delayed plate numbers for motor vehicles and the delays when on transaction in LTO satellite offices due to poor internet connection, among others.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner