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Digital advocacy network lauds Manila solon’s commitment to investigate Grab

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates lauded a Manila congressional representative for seeking an investigation on TNVS giant Grab.

In a dialogue cum press conference held yesterday in Manila, Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that they are happy that Manila 3rd district Representative Joel Chua committed to investigate Grab’s acquisition of Move It. Rep. Chua is currently the vice-chairperson of the Committee on Metro Manila Development.

“We are glad that Rep. Chua listened to our grievances against Grab’s backdoor entry of the motorcycle taxi pilot study. Now that a member of congress wants to take a look at it, we are hopeful that the manueverings outside of the intent of the pilot study will be addressed.”

Gustilo earlier sent a letter to Rep. Chua, asking him to hold an inquiry on the acquisition and Grab’s penalties imposed by the Philippine competition commission due to overcharging.

“It is high-time that congress take a look on this matter as the riding public will shoulder the effects of this acquisition should it be allowed. As the public is having a harrowing experience during their daily commute, our officials should make it a point that the public transportation system will improve while ensuring that no entity shall take advantage of the public.”

Gustilo also said that in the dialogue, Rep. Chua also said that they will also investigate reports of Grab’s unfair treatment of its delivery riders. In a video that went viral last August, hundreds of Grab delivery riders in Pampanga protested Grab’s delivery fee promo. According to them, they were not consulted and were not properly compensated. About a hundred delivery riders from different Metro Manila cities and nearby provinces were also present at the dialogue.

“If Grab wants to participate in the motorcycle taxi industry, they should first address the concern of its delivery riders. The way they treat their delivery riders now will surely be the way they treat their MC taxi riders should they be allowed to participate eventually. As commuters, we are also concerned with the welfare of the riders.”

Gustilo is also urging other congressional representatives, especially Metro Manila district representatives, to support the inquiry.

“We are urging other Metro Manila representatives to support the inquiry. The majority of the affected passengers and riders are from Metro Manila. Previous leaderships of the Committee on Metro Manila Development championed the cause for a better public transportation. We are hopeful that the current leadership will address the concern.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner