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Digital advocacy network lauds MMDA’s online adjudication

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates lauded the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s online adjudication program, saying that the program will help those who believe that they were wrongfully apprehended.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the program will lessen the burden of contesting apprehensions.

“We laud the MMDA, led by Chairman Carlo Dimayuga, for heeding the call for the implementation of an online adjudication program. This is a welcome development as motorists who see that their apprehension is wrongful will not be inconvenienced further. ”

Gustilo said that their group earlier suggested to MMDA that an online adjudication program be implemented as part of the agency’s implementation of the no contact apprehension program after several groups and motorists complained that contesting what they deem as wrongful apprehension takes a several days, which causes them further inconvenience. He is urging local government units to follow suit and integrate online adjudication into their traffic management programs.

“MMDA has been at the forefront of maximizing digital technology for traffic management. They were the first to implement NCAP and now the online adjudication program. LGUs should also do the same to give convenience to those who see their apprehension as wrongful. It will also decongest the long queues in adjudication offices. ”

The Supreme Court earlier issued a temporary restraining order against the No Contact Apprehension Program after several transportation groups filed a petition. However, Gustilo said that the latest development shows good faith on the part of MMDA to address the concerns of the petitioners.

“With the implementation of the TRO on NCAP, it is admirable that MMDA is maximizing the situation by implementing programs that will improve traffic management. Thus, we are requesting that the Supreme Court take judicial notice of this development in order to expedite, if not moot, the proceedings. This development should prompt the Supreme Court to reschedule the oral arguments and lift the TRO until the case is resolved. The implementation of the online program shows the good faith of the MMDA leadership.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner