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Digital advocates urge DTI to look into missing Shopee parcels issue

Digital Pinoys

Digital advocates urged today the Department of Trade and Industry to look into the complaints by disgruntled customers over delivery delays.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that many customers of the online shopping platform have been complaining of prolonged parcel delivery since last year.

“The DTI should look into this as it is causing great deal of inconvenience for customers, the sellers in their platform and the delivery riders. There are already numerous complaints and it is high time to act on it.”

According to customers, many of them have orders since the shopping platform’s 12.12 sale (December 12 sale) and even earlier that have not arrived and was tagged missing. Many parcels went missing in Shopee’s sorting hubs.

Sellers also joined the foray after their items were reportedly went missing in Shopee’s custody. According to them, they are being charged with fees but their items either went missing or are being returned to them.

“Many sellers are now disgruntled because they are paying for a platform fee, commission fee, packaging and delivery, among many other fees to use the platform but Shopee can’t even get the sorting done right. Sellers are losing their earnings and are still being charged despite the platform’s inefficiencies.”

Gustilo also said that Shopee should shoulder all expenses incurred by sellers and refund customers for undelivered parcels that are already paid.

“Shopee should pay for all charges incurred by the sellers with undelivered parcels due to its inefficiency. It is unfair to make the sellers shoulder the return delivery fee after Shopee messed up big time. Even the packaging cost should be refunded by Shopee. They should also issue refunds immediately for all affected customers with paid parcels, no ifs and buts and no condition.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner