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Digital Pinoys seeks review of Grab PH’s acquisition of Move It

Digital Pinoys

A network of Digital advocates is pushing for the review of Grab’s acquisition of Motorcycle Taxi operator Move It.

In a press conference held today, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the technical Working Group (TWG) on Motorcycle Taxis should review Grab’s backdoor entry into the pilot study by acquiring the full operations of Move It.

“The primary concern of Digital Pinoys is the welfare of the riding public. With the Digitalization of public transportation, commuters who patronize TNVS and Motorcycle taxis have a more convenient option. However, we fear that with Grab’s backdoor entry, the pilot testing will be jeopardized and that the fare will increase.”

Gustilo said that when Grab acquired Uber in 2018, the fare of the raid-hailing app increased significantly and the commuters were the most affected.

“In our experience, what used to be a P200 to P250 fare for a 25 kilometer trip is now averaging P500 to P800. There was even a time that it would reach more than P1,000 because of surge pricing. It can also happen to Motorcycle Taxis. And we know that the reason why two-wheeled ride hailing services are patronized by the consumer is that it is by far much more affordable than using Grab, and then now Grab will acquire Move It,” he stressed.

Gustilo also pointed out that Grab Philippines has been penalized by the Philippine Competition Commission for overpricing. The PCC ordered Grab to refund P25.45 Million to qualified passengers but available data indicated that Grab is yet to fully comply with the refund.

“The Philippine Competition Commission has ordered Grab to refund commuters for over-pricing. They were asked to refund P25.45M million but they’re only able to refund P6.15 million. If they can do this to TNVS, how can we be assured they won’t do it to motorcycle taxis?” Gustilo added.

Gustilo also said that they are urging Department of Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista to reconvene the technical working group to review the acquisition and discuss the future of Motorcycle Taxis.

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner