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DILG joins 35th EDSA anniversary commemoration

THE Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), together with all of its attached agencies, joined the nation in commemorating the 35th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution.

In a statement, the DILG said:

A significant milestone in our country’s history, EDSA People Power is an indelible testament to the strength of the people’s concerted and united voice for freedom and justice. It is a reminder to us all that once the people come together, nothing is impossible.

As we commemorate the anniversary of the People Power Revolution anew, we are called once again to unite, with the same fervor and commitment, in addressing a global crisis that is COVID-19. In the same vein, we must march forward as a people with a single purpose – defeat the pandemic in our country.

As citizens, we have an important role to play. By exercising individual discipline and responsibility, we can help our country defeat the pandemic. By our compliance to minimum health standards and other COVID-19 policies of the government, we help our country recover from this national crisis.

And as we prepare for the roll-out of national vaccination program, we must be ready to be vaccinated because this will save our life and that of our family and communities. Let us actively advocate for the BIDA Solusyon Plus campaign of the Department of Health encouraging the public to be inoculated and dismiss any and all disinformation about the vaccination program. Let us emulate the same resolve of the generation of 1986 as they peacefully conveyed their love for our country and our fellowmen 35 years ago.”