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Dinos are back in KartRider Rush+ Season 17 “Jurassic Island” update

KartRider Rush Jurassic Island

Players can race through the world of dinosaurs, enjoy new team relays, highlight karts and more

SEOUL – Jan. 10, 2022 – Fans of mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ can take a trip back in time in the prehistoric Season 17 “Jurassic Island” update starting today. The new season will transport players to the island of dinosaurs to experience exciting new content including themed racers “Lodumanodon” and “Cilia,” a fiery kart “Flaming Dragster” that shoots flames at opponents and thrilling new tracks such as “Great Adventure on Jurassic Island (Jurassic)” and “Dinosaur Ruins (Desert).”

Players who join the race will experience:

  • New Highlight Kart “Gallant Knight” – “Gallant Knight,” features a sleek, noble look and explosive speed. Only obtainable at the “Knight Center,” players can choose from one of “Gallant Knight’s” two designs: Golden or Steel.
  • New “Sim Mode” Content – Nexon unveiled new content for “Sim Mode,” including the ability for players to challenge opponents in team races with friends during “Team Relays.” In “Elite Challenge,” players will confront a powerful boss character in a ruthless battle in hopes of obtaining an item to activate an exclusive kart.
  • Legend Tier Rewards – Players can now receive “Nickname Spray Choice Pack,” “Exclusive Title” and more upon achieving the Legend Tier five times consecutively.
  • “Free Super Batteries” Event – From Wednesday, Jan. 11 until Sunday, Jan. 22, “Lucky Star Jewel,” “30 Batteries,” “Lucky Star Jewel Lottery Box” and more can be obtained by completing quests such as logging in and participating in ranked races. At the same time, players will be able to get a “Stamp” for every first-ranked race win, which can be exchanged for a new character, a 2023 “Turbo Crystal” and so on.
  • “Museum Entry Ticket” Rewards – Other rewards include a “Museum Entry Ticket,” which players can gain by logging in and participating in ranked races until Thursday, Feb. 2. “Museum Entry Tickets” can be exchanged for “Jurassic Museum Entrance (perm),” 500 “K-Coins,” and more.

Fans can find more information on KartRider Rush+ and the new “Jurassic Island” season on the official website.

Official KartRider Rush+ Website: [LINK]

Season 17 “Jurassic Island” Trailer : [LINK]

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