POLA, Oriental Mindoro – photos taken by a team deployed by the Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development to coordinate with community partners and assess the current situation in Mindoro, the ground zero of the oil spill caused by the capsizing of MT Princess Empress. Photos are by Jilson Tiu.

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According to reports, the oil spill risks several Marine Protected Areas in the Municipality of Pola, such as the KingFisher Reserve, St. John the Baptist Marine Sanctuary, Song of the Sea Fish Sanctuary, Stella Mariz Fish Sanctuary, Bacawan Fish Sanctuary, St. Peter the Rock Fish Sanctuary, and the San Isidro Labrador Fish Sanctuary. Beach resorts have also been affected.

Oil Spill in Mindoro
The low tides at Pola, Oriental Mindoro reveal slick, clumps of oil, and remnants of dead fish as the municipality reels from the impacts of the disastrous oil spill last week.


Oil Spill in Mindoro
Red drums containing oil from the clean-up drive dot the once pristine coasts of Pola.


Oil Spill in Mindoro
Pola town in Oriental Mindoro is among the municipalities hit the hardest by the oil spill. It has been under a state of calamity since Friday.
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