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DLSU business students bag 2 gold awards in Singapore

From L-R: Team Let’s GU Pechon, Cham, Gaviño (mentor), Uy Tan, Mr. Sy Bryan Lato, CPM-Asia (Philippine Marketing Association President), Ocampo, Alfad

Two groups of undergraduate business students received gold awards for participating in separate competitions organized by the Global Chinese Marketing Federation (GCMF) held at the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) last July 15.

The events Global Brand Planning Competition (GBPC) and Business Event Planning Competition (BEPC) were joined by various schools coming from China, Thailand, Singapore, Tanzania, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. DLSU Team for BEPC took the 2nd runner-up spot and Best Performing Team award.

Spearheaded by the DLSU Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA), the groups were formed as Team Let’s GU and Team Arrows.

Team Let’s Gu, led by Rav Ryan Ocampo (4th Year, ENT) with members Nurjanjam II Alfad (4th Year, MKT), Gianna Yasmeen Cham (3rd Year, APC), Maria Angelica Pechon (3rd Year, APC), and Eunice Nicolle Uy Tan (3rd Year, APC), competed for GBPC.

From L-R: Team Arrows Tee, Tan, Rendon, Robes (mentor), Saavedra, Iñgel

The BEPC competing team, Team Arrows, was composed of team leader Madeline Tee (5th Year BSMS-IE), with Kent Harvey Iñgel (3rd Year, MKT), Sophie Marie Rendon (3rd Year, APC), Ralph Stephen Saavedra (3rd Year, AEI-BSA), and Danielle Alisson Tan (3rd Year, MKT).

Both teams presented their marketing campaigns to a panel for a given brand with one week of preparation. The students were supported by the Department of Marketing Management and Advertising, with their mentors, Dustine Mae Gaviño, MMC and John Laurence Robes, MMC, for GBPC and BEPC, respectively.

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