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DLSU Tañada-Diokno School of Law Partners with Angat Kalikasan Pilipinas


The Tañada-Diokno School of Law (TDSOL) of De La Salle University signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Angat Kalikasan Pilipinas (AKaP), a leading organization dedicated to environmental advocacy and the rights of indigenous peoples. The MoA was signed on October 5 by AKaP President Teddy Baguilat and TDSOL Dean Virgilio De Los Reyes.

This strategic partnership is a testament to TDSOL’s commitment to providing its Law Student Practitioners (LSPs) with invaluable experiential learning opportunities. Through this collaboration, LSPs will have the chance to actively engage with and serve indigenous communities. This hands-on experience will not only deepen their understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding indigenous peoples but also empower them to contribute meaningfully to the protection of their rights.

The MoA outlines a framework for collaboration, emphasizing the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the TDSOL and AKaP. It sets the stage for a dynamic synergy that will not only benefit the LSPs but also contribute to the advancement of legal understanding and practices related to indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Key aspects of the partnership include:

Practical Engagement: LSPs will have the opportunity to work closely with AKaP in various initiatives aimed at supporting indigenous communities. Learning Opportunities: LSPs will gain firsthand experience in navigating the legal landscape surrounding indigenous peoples, including understanding and applying relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

Community Impact: The collaboration seeks to make a positive impact on indigenous communities by addressing legal issues, fostering sustainable practices, and advocating for the protection of their rights. Knowledge Exchange: The MoA facilitates a continuous exchange of knowledge and resources between TDSOL and AKaP, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship. This partnership aligns with TDSOL’s mission to produce socially responsible and justice-oriented legal professionals.

It is an exciting step forward in the pursuit of holistic legal education, where students not only study the law but actively contribute to its application for the betterment of society.

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