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DOE’s sec. Cusi gives energy-saving tips for then holidays

THE Department Of Energy headed by Secretary Alfonso Cusi has come up with Christmas energy-saving tips in line with the holiday preparations and celebrations.

First off, Sec. Cusi is advicing gift-givers to hand out energy-efficient gifts. He said it would be best to consider giving gifts that do not require the use of electricity or batteries.

If buying appliances as gifts, choose those with higher energy efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the item is. The less energy you use, the lower your electricity bill is and the more money you save.

If you received a present needing batteries, Sec. Cusi said it would be best to invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger.

This, he said, is for the reason that rechargeable batteries produce less waste and they are also more energy-efficient, given the costs and energy used in making new standard ones.

Sec. Cusi also called for energy-smart cooking and baking, by using a toaster or microwave for smaller tasks like melting or heating items.

Reserve the oven for baking and maximize the energy used in heating it by cooking several dishes at once. When using a stove, cook food faster by keeping the lids on pots.

Sec. Cusi also advised on cutting back on aircon use, specially since temperatures drop during the holiday season.

“Lessen the use of home airconditioning and consider using electric fans instead. Still feeling a bit toasty? Set your thermostat to 25 degrees for an energy-efficient and cool home,” he said.

Now for those who are going away for the holidays, Cusi has these reminders: Make sure that the main switch of the circuit breaker and all your appliances are switched off before leaving. Not only will doing this yield energy savings, but you also keep your home safe from fire.

He also called on home owners to make sure they unplug phantom energy users.

When going on vacation, he said that electronics, especially chargers, computers, TVs, DVD players, PlayStations and other gaming devices, as well as radios must be unplugged, as these items utilize energy even when they remain turned off.

He also stressed the need to ensure car maintenance particularly when one plans to drive back home for Christmas.

“Maximize fuel efficiency by correctly inflating your tires. Try to avoid the “carmageddon” by leaving right before the holiday weekend rush,” Sec. Cusi said.


PAL SLASHES SWAB TEST PRICE—Philippine Airlines (PAL) spokesperson Ma. Cielo Villaluna said PAL’s testing facility at the Philippine Airlines Learning Center located at 540 Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila is now offering RT-PCR services at a discounted rate of P3,300 with results released within 24 hours.

The new rate, which took effect yesterday (December 12, 2020) is P700 less than the previous RT-PCR cost of P4,000.

She said drive-through or walk-in testing will be available and the testing facility is open Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PAL passengers must bring their ID, PAL Ticket, and QR code indicating completion of the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration (PPHD) form. There is no need for prior appointment to avail of the test. The PPHD form is downloadable via https://bit.ly/PALDomPPHD and https://bit.ly/PALIntPPHD and must be filled up to five days before the flight.

To find out which countries and Philippine destinations require an RT-PCR test, PAL passengers are advised to visit https://bit.ly/PALTravelsFromPH (for international) and https://bit.ly/PALTravelsWithinPH (for domestic).


Beauty tip — Avoid brushing or combing hair when it’s wet. It will cause breakage. Wait until it is almost completely dry and use brushes or combs with widely-spaced bristles or teeth and smooth tips (Source: Dr Rosary May Canay-Diaz of Californian Bloom Aesthetic Institute and Medical Spa /168 Branch-09773726628/87010887/ Valezuela-09560895596/87010890/E. Rodriguez-09560895598/87010899/ Website: www.californianbloom.com.ph/Facebook:CALIFORNIAN BLOOM)


Jokjok (from Judith Resurreccion of Valenzuela City)—PEDRO: Pare, may regalo ako sa ‘yo para sa birthday mo. Kakaiba ‘to kasi alam ko mahilig ka sa animals. Eto nasa kulungan/JUAN: Talaga? Ano ‘yan?/PEDRO: Eto o, ten-feet na ahas galing India!/ JUAN: Pare, ‘yan ka na naman eh. Akala mo siguro ganun akon ka-anga no?/PEDRO: Ha? Baket?/JUAN:Eh wala namang feet ang snake noh!Ten feet ka diyan! Magtigil ka nga!!! Gagong to!


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