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Don’t worry about me — Ravena

Thirdy Ravena
Thirdy Ravena is on isolation after contracting with COVID-19 in Japan. Photo courtesy of B.League.

THIRDY Ravena assured Filipino basketball fans that he is all well after contracting with COVID-19 in Japan.

All good over here. Appreciate all the love and concern over the past 24 hours. I feel well already but have to follow quarantine
protocols indefinitely. Just a reminder that the virus is still out there so let’s not take it for granted. Stay safe everyone! Much love,” Ravena posted on his social media accounts while in isolation in his apartment yesterday morning.

Japan’s B.League club San-En NeoPhoenix announced on Friday night that Ravena was tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a statement, the 6-foot-2 guard told the team’s medical staff on Thursday morning that he had a fever with 38.2-degrees Celsius and was suffering sore throat and discomfort.

Ravena was immediately sent to Toyohashi City Health Center to be tested and, later on, a health facility under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

On Friday morning, Ravena was found to had contracted with COVID-19.

Fortunately for Ravena, his fever had subsided to 36.9-degree Celsius. His sore throat was gone, while his sense of taste and smell had returned to normal.

Makati City Pabakuna

The statement added that the entire team, including Ravena, tested negative twice in their RT-PCR tests last Monday. The following

day, the NeoPhoenix had a tune-up match against Kanazawa Samuraiz.

The club is currently doing contact tracing, both within SanEn and among its previous opponents.

The 23-year old Ravena, the first Filipino to play in the Japanese pro league through the Asian Player Quota system, is expected to
be sidelined for about two weeks. While in quarantine, Ravena is continuing his workouts to remain in shape.

In five games played, Ravena averaged 12 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.4 assists per contest.

The NeoPhoenix are 1-4 since Ravena entered the roster and are 2-13 overall in the regular season. SanEn, which has not played since
losing to defending champion Alvark Tokyo on Nov. 15, will be on the road on Wednesday against the Susanoo Shimane Magic.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight