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DOST chief underscores the importance of IP in addressing the country’s pressing concerns

Renato U. Solidum Jr.

At the onset of the celebration of the National Intellectual Property (IP) Month, Secretary Renato U. Solidum Jr. of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) emphasized how IP serves as a catalyst for innovative and creative solutions essential for shaping a brighter future.

“As we celebrate National IP Month, let us remember that Intellectual Property is not solely about protecting ideas; it’s about leveraging them to address global challenges. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a roadmap for creating a better world, and IP is a key tool in achieving those goals,” said Sec. Solidum during the DOST’s Virtual Flag Raising Ceremony on Monday, April 01, 2024.

In his five-minute message to DOST employees, Sec. Solidum encouraged fellow public servants to reflect on the role of the DOST as they are constantly at the forefront of providing solutions and opening opportunities to the Filipino people through science, technology, and innovation.

Sec. Solidum stated that guided by the four pillars, namely: promotion of Human Well-being, Wealth Creation, Wealth Protection, and Sustainability, the DOST continually strives to champion initiatives that embody these principles.

“Our commitment to technology transfer and commercialization ensures that innovations reach those who need them most, driving progress and prosperity across the nation,” said Sec. Solidum.

Additionally, Sec. Solidum shared the launch of the Mini Science Centrum and project visits in Quezon Province this week that reflects on of the department’s thrust of using science, technology, and innovation for inclusive development.

“These events highlight our partnership with local government units, educational institutions, and communities, emphasizing our shared goal of promoting accessible education and scientific understanding. It serves as a reminder of the practical impact of our work and underscores the importance of community development,” concluded Sec. Solidum. (With information from Karen Vivien Conducto, DOST-OSec)

By Allan Mauro V. Marfal, DOST-STII

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