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DPWH Clearing Works at PGH Substantially Completed, Goes Forward to Testing of Samples from Fire Incident

DPWH Clearing Works at PGH

Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark A. Villar announced that DPWH engineers specializing in structural analysis and material testing will evaluate the samples extracted from building structure affected by recent fire at the Philippine General Hospital.

“No one can tell the level of damage until a proper and thorough assessment and laboratory evaluation of material sample components have been done”, said Secretary Villar.

Secretary Villar added that samples from concrete coring and rebars extraction will undergo testing on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at the laboratory of Bureau of Research and Standards (BRS) as DPWH workers substantially complete the clearing operations at PGH operating room supply area at third floor service wing razed by fire early Sunday, May 16.

DPWH Clearing Works at PGHAccording to Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain, head of DPWH Task Force to Facilitate Augmentation of Local/National Health Facility, samples through concrete coring were successfully taken in eight (8) locations to determine the integrity of the fire-affected building area and implement corrective actions that must be done to ensure it is safe for continued use.

Successfully extracted on the fire scene were concrete coring samples in three (3) columns, three (3) beams, one (1) slab, and one (1) unaffected column for comparison while rebars on structural membrane were also taken with one (1) each from slab and beam, said Undersecretary Sadain.

Upon clearance by the Bureau of Fire Protection and PGH management, DPWH clearing operations was started Wednesday, May 19, by the team led by Regional Director Eric Ayapana of National Capital Region and District Engineer Mikunug Macud of South Manila Engineering District (SMED) while Bureau of Construction (BOC) Director Aristarco Doroy headed the pool of technical engineers that conducted evaluation of the structural components.

As the site are cleared of debris by DPWH-NCR and SMED workers, the DPWH Technical personnel from BRS, BOC, Bureau of Design, and Bureau of Quality and Safety, begun on Thursday, May 20 the damage assessment to verify if the load-carrying capabilities of structural elements are sound and have not been significantly compromised by the fire.

The assessment report is expected to come out next week with corrective actions for the necessary repairs and restoration work required for the affected portion to be safe and fully functional again.

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