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DPWH-MLIT Japan holds seminar on large-scale flood control management, water resources facilities

A technical cooperation forum on learning from Japan’s modern flood-control management and water resources facilities was organized by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in partnership with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism (MLIT) of the Government of Japan and participated by around 100 representatives from the DPWH Unified Project Management Office-Flood Control Management Cluster (UPMO-FCMC) and Regional Offices, other relevant government agencies, and private institutions.

The event held on November 23, 2023 at Diamond Hotel Manila was led by DPWH UPMO-FCMC Project Director Ramon A. Arriola III, and MLIT Parliamentary Vice Minister Takeshita Koyari together with Japanese experts on large-scale retarding basins and dam upgrading technologies.

DPWH seminar on flood control management

Project Director Arriola, on behalf of Secretary Manuel M. Bonoan and Senior Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain, thanked the Japanese delegates, emphasizing the need for capacity development to modernize the flood control and water resources management system all over the country.

Highlights of the seminar include the presentation of a comprehensive report on Japan’s historic river management, including their modern river investments from legislation, flood-control measures, and the various public and privately-owned flood storage facilities.

Based on MLIT presentation, the Japan’s integrated river management system including the extensive use of flood storage structures has resulted to drastic reduction of flooding in their country, despite the heavier rainfall over the years.

Director Arriola said that similar measures can be adopted in the Philippines, especially the retarding basins.

“Although the use of retarding basins for flood-control is relatively new, a number of similar projects are being considered for implementation to address flooding in various areas”, said Director Arriola.

DPWH seminar on flood control management

The DPWH UPMO-FCMC recently completed the country’s first retarding basin in Imus and Bacoor, Cavite. DPWH also completed its feasibility study on Davao City Flood Management Master Plan which include river basin components.

Also, the DPWH Regional Office 2 is undertaking assessment for a similar project to address flooding in Tuguegarao City.

On the land acquisition for projects, the Japanese experts also introduced the possibility of farmers retaining ownership of their land affected by a retarding basin project – an agreement that allows landowners to utilize the land for farming during dry season and as a flood storage facility with government compensation during rainy season.

Other topics that were discussed include: Japan’s dam upgrading technologies as a way to increase water reservoir, discharge capacity, and sediment control; the flood forecasting and warning system for dam operations of the National Power Corporation, specifically the San Roque Dam in Pangasinan; Japan’s urban flood management, covering countermeasures against storm water like the use of underground discharge channel, flood drainage tunnels, combination of small flood storage facilities, as well as non-structural measures like integrating disaster information, development of integrated hazard information system, and provision of a real-time risk information to the public; and the result of status of nationwide installation of rain water collectors in public buildings by the DPWH.

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