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Drastic decline in spam texts seen despite SIM registration law

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates observed that the volume of spam messages received by subscribers have significantly decreased in the last few months, even prior to the implementation of the sim registration law.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that spam messages have lessened after telecommunication companies employed measures to address spam texts which includes the blocking of URLs in text messages.

“As per our monitoring and confirmation from other subscribers, we have noted a sharp decrease on the number of spam messages received by mobile phone users. Most have not even received any spam text since telcos implemented measures to address the issue.”

It can be recalled that the last quarter of 2022 saw the sudden increase of cases of spam messages, which escalated to personalized spam messages.

“It is a good thing that the public sounded the alarm against spam messages. This prompted telcos and the NTC to immediately implement measures to address the issue which is the blocking of URLs in text messages.”

Gustilo added that the significantly reducing spam messages proves that telcos have the capacity to address the issue even without government interference and legislation.

“The telcos were able to do it even without legislation. All it took was for the telcos to listen to their subscribers. This shows that the SIM registration law is not the solution to combat spam messages.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner